About LAE


L.A.E. will support everything that is alternative, underground and off.
It will promote and produce work of individuals and groups who believe in the idea that art today must be young, all-encompassing, modern, fierce, moral and synthetical.

1. Young in its attitude and not its experience; open and communicating.

2. All-encompassing, aristically, audially and visually, spatially total. Poetical and magical.

3. Modern in the sense that it will recognize nad make use of intellectual and technical achievements of our day, and look into their high points of the past, treating them as codes of ritual magic.

4.Fierce and ferocious, art which will in an aggressive, in a naked and painful way, free of cultural and historical transfigurations, enhance and explore as archetypal its ritual, cultural and industrial heritage.

5. Moral, because it will be aware and conscientious, never denying what it knows and not sparing its energies; always thruthful, honest and earnest.

6. Synthetical, because it will unite and synthesize all of the above, tracing the continuity, checking at the communication points of the past and finding new ones for the present. Historical in the sense that it will try to create an image which will epitomize all horizonal and horizontal experiences of the eternity within a moment, pierced through by the vertical axis of time to which they all attach and settle, leaving their sediments to build the pillar of man's civilization.