About LAE


Labin Art Express (L.A.E.) - independent underground cultural and art association, established in 1991, based in the ex-coal mine in Labin, Region of Istria, Croatia.

In 1993 L.A.E., the first independent radio station in Croatia, closed by governmental decision in 1996, and in 1998 the international multimedia Cultural Centre "Lamparna" in one of abandoned ex-coal mine buildings.
It was first step in realization of their capital project "Underground City XXI" construction and establishment of the first real futuristic underground town in the world, in abandoned tunnels and halls of ex-coal mine in Labin, 160 m below ground level, with streets, bars, restaurants, galleries, concert halls, children playground, swimming pool, Mueseum of Coal Mining, "red light" district, etc., with its own Government, Mayor, police and laws.

L.A.E. is not a clannish group of artists whose creativity is esoteric, but an exoteric cultural and art association cooperating with artists and "non-artists" who share the fundamental idea that "art today must be: young, all-encompassing, universal, modern, fierce, moral, and synthetical."