TRANSART is the annual international ARTLABORATORY with festival like public access for transdisciplinary arts and artistic communication, which every summer takes place in the Cultural Centre "Lamparna", Labin, Istria, Croatia.

Until now there were organised three festivals (1999, 2000, 2005) and 6 art labs (2001-2006). Every art lab is dedicated to a specific theme and topic, involving and connecting art groups, cultural workers and artists from all over Europe, with a focus on discursive transdisciplinary working methods, communication and cooperation.

TRANSART is a platform for experimental art and communication, a workspace for community arts as well as a forum for investigation and development of new forms of art and communication. One of the leading ideas was to promote the vital connection of life/living and work, which also includes an intensive communication with the Region of Istria, its structures, architecture, cultural heritage, social life and history.