Underground City XXI Labin

Is a project of protection for the ex-coal mine in Labin and Raša (region of Istria, Epulbic of Croatia), its industrial and architectural heritage, part of which has been already recognized as a national cultural monument, by construction of a real futuristic underground town, with streets, bars, galleries, swimming pool, shops, restaurants, children play-grounds, Mueseum of Coal Mining, as well as all other contets any modern town must have, including own Government, Statute, Mayor, police, laws and regulations, etc., relying on historical pattern of the Republic of Labin, in 1921.

Leading idea of the project was to provide an ample and true testimony of the almost 400 years old tradition of mining, transforming historical patterns and industria heritage into an avant-garde art project with a strong economic and social impact (national/regional cultural and tourist attraction, generator of a future local development), by construction of the first underground town in the world, living work of art, in the underground galleries and tunnels (10 km long, app. 40 000 m2 of space, 160 meters below ground surface) connecting town of Labin with Raša, Plomin and Rabac, showing how space exploitation can be treated as environmental preservation.

Construction of the "Underground City" will have a few phases and it will take about 10 years to be completed. The first phase will start in 2007 with construction of the virtual, 3d Underground City XII and establishment of specific cultural & art internet community (www.undergroundcityxii.com), which will later be used as a model for construction of a real Underground City. This phase will be continued in 2008 with reconstruction of a few underground spaces, protection and reconstruction of the Podlabin (downtown of Labin) pit head, so called "schaht), and instalment of a lift in it.


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