Is multifunctional international cultural and youth centre, as well as headquarters of Labin Art Express (L.A.E.) based in one of the buildings of ex-coal mine, so called "Lamparna" (eng. "lamp house"), place where miner's lamps have been kept and charged, situated in the centre of the town Labin, with 1.000m2 of fully reconstructed and equipped premises(big hall for concerts and other performances, coffee bar with kitchen, 2 offices, gallery, studios for work and reherseal, two apartments and other facilities), and another 2000m2 of a ruined but very useful space (the so-called "big bathroom) for bigger installations, events, etc.

CC LAMPARNA started to work in 1993, but it was officialy opened on 12th September 1998, after full reconstruction and equipping of the space, financially supported by the European Commision, Open Society Institute - Croatia, Ministry of Culture and Region of Istria, as well as "uder auspices of Mr. Daniel TARSCHYS, Secretary General of the Council of Europe".