Accepting sculpture as the ultimate in fine arts (Schelling), L.A.E. strives towards a new sculptural expression.
"Art is human thought, energy," ("Metal Guru Manifesto", 1994), and life is in constant relationship Real - Unreal.

Shifting the boundaries of real - unreal to the extent that it is impossible to distinguish them, projecting life on the framework of the TV or PC screen, man's prĂȘt-a-porter artist first creates confusion, a new reality which is an annex to the real, but at the same time it is not a dream but a category of the unconscious. Conscious - Unreal is a form of communication that determines human life today, thus, it also determines artistic work.

Consequently, nowadays L.A.E. chooses as artistic material (instead of iron, stone, clay or similar) live human beings who are affected by the process of communication.

The artistic work of sculpting is determined by the category of consciousness. Being aware, being conscious of the artistic process in the course of communication means to elevate the standard life sequence (practice) on the level of art, e.g. "Drinking coffee in a coffee bar on 15th June, 2007 from 5,30 p.m. to 5,35 p.m. - if there is consciousness that this is an artistic act - then drinking coffee in the coffee bar is actually art.

Just as the first conceptualist in art history, Rafaello, established the concept "tocco d'artista" as the mental basis of promotion, changing "something" into artistic work by a simple magic touch of the artist, L.A.E. uses today the same principle of "consciousness" (being conscious of what one does, thinks, feels) through SOCIAL SCULPTING as a means of communication with the public, erasing the boundaries and mediators between them.

Consuming art, of course, is not only the question of reason and understanding, but for most people today it is predominantly or exclusively the question of instinct and feelings. Many retain eternal consumers, never enjoying art, by not crossing the threshhold of emotively consuming art.

Therefore, the cutting edge, the form of all L.A.E. activities is primarily directed to human instincts and feelings and their manipulation. The feelings aroused in the consumer by a work of art are only traces of the feelings stirred by direct contact, "touch" with the artist. The purity of immediate contact gives the unprepared (uneducated) consumer the so desired superstructure - enjoyment. The ethereal quality of such artistic experience is surely its culmination.