promotional CD, released by Labin Art Express, © L.A.E., 1994

1st regular CD, released by Labin Art Express, © L.A.E., 1998
distributed in Croatia and Slovenia by Dallas Shops
video "Asshole" & "Love & Violence"

"Cold Black"
New CD and video, "All Alone" released 2021.

Selected performances and other works

dark performance, cArgo-Marseille, 1995;

"Drugs are the Dark Side of Life"
performance/exibition/installation, m/s Kronborg, Copenhagen'96-Cultural Capital of Europe;

HERO in XXI -"The Signal"
multimedia performance, EXPO'98, Praga Sony, Lisbon;

HERO XXI -"Foreplay"
installation/performance, Magazine 4, Bregenz(A), 1999;

"Get Photographed with the Artist"
photo-performance, Belgrade (SRB), 1999, Morocco and Sarajevo (BiH), 2000;

"Get Together. Art as Teamwork"
group exhibition curated by Marion Piffer Damiani, Kunsthalle Wien, 2000;

"Freak out & Shout"
installation&action, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2002;

"Here Tomorrow"
group exhibition curated by Roxana Marcoci (MOMA, New York), MSU Zagreb, 2002;

"Monument of the HERO in the 21st Century"
sculptural performance, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb, 2002 / Labin, 2003;

"Blood & Honey"
group exhibition curated by Harald Szeemann, Essl Sammlung, Wien, 2003;

"Balkan neither in the sky, nor at the Earth" (L.A.E.)
Music for the performance, Tanzquartier Wien, 2003;

retrospective exhibition of Croatian video production, Muesum of Modern Art, Zagreb, 2005;

Music for the performance "U-BITI" - "Killing alias Being" (L.A.E.)
festival EUROKAZZ Zagreb, 2005;

Music for the short art film HERO XXI - "Conception"
by Dean Zahtila & Xena L. Zupanić